who plans to go back

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who plans to go back

Post by Mangetout »

I've noticed recently that some posters have returned to the UK to live and others have spoken of long term plans to return when they get ’old’. How many forum members intend to return, and at roughly what age.

I'll start the ball rolling by saying that we don't intend to return and our age range is 70+.

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Re: who plans to go back

Post by curtis »

Absolutely not. Home is here. The odd times I go back to the UK it isn't "going home".
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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Stompie »

Mid-50s, heading back when the sale of our place is complete.
The pull of family has proved to be too strong to survive the distance. We still love our life here and France in general.
We have the advantage of heading back to the best bit though! ;)

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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Aardvark »

Same age group as Mangetout. No family to fret about. Home is here. The only way I'd go back is in a body bag.
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Le Démerdeur
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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Le Démerdeur »

I have always said that home is wherever I am more than a few days and start organising things, putting clothes in drawers, hanging things up, making a shelf etc, so I can have a home from home quite quickly.

France has been my home for 15 years, my old home in the UK being an unfurnished rent for so long can never be home again, I have a home from home in the chalet I built to stay in while visiting, my family live not far but there is no attachment there, I have good relations with my neighbours of 30+ years there and nothing like that in France.

A long prelude but I am currently selling the house and the building plot where the chalet stands so soon will have no link whatsoever to the UK and to my surprise against my common sense I am finding it a little daunting and had to self analyse why, its not that I will no longer have a foot in the UK, its not that I will be committed to France because I probably will change countries again, its because I dont like where I live and will have no longer have anywhere to escape to even though this year it has been almost impossible.

Once I buy another place in France I will feel more stable as I will have a project which I am lacking and somewhere pleasant to get away to.

Never say never but I cannot see any scenario where I would want or need to return to the UK, I would quite like to live in another country than France for the experience but would be happy to return to or to stay in France which I cant say about the UK.

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Re: who plans to go back

Post by mysty »

Late 50s think she is mid fifties :P
Lived in France longer than we had lived in the UK.
France is home, could not imagine living in the UK.
Unlike ardvark, I would not even want to go back in a body bag :lol:
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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Bald Eagle »

Had 18 summers in Brittany, 183 days a year. We never intended staying permanently because we found France to authoritarian and rule bound. We meant to leave when I was 65 but stayed until I was 72 last year. Home was either house. Do not miss France but do miss the many friends we made there.
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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Fitter »

Our 11th year in Brittany, similar to Aardvark, no property over there, I haven't set foot in the UK since 2015, that was for one night to pick a car up. Happy to be in Brittany!
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Re: who plans to go back

Post by JohnnyD »

Both of us knocking on the door of 60 and still trying to find the best way into France long term LoL


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Re: who plans to go back

Post by Nifty »

Planning in not my thing. For years oh indicated she wanted to see some of her grandchildren.
Now, she has seen the light.

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