Why are so many French websites naff?

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Re: Why are so many French websites naff?

Post by rabbit »

RobertArthur wrote:
Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:38 pm
Rabbit, about Minitel, a short lived success, killed by the French press, afraid of tv and modern communication techniques. It was Ouest-France taking the lead in this French press resistance, followed by the unions and many members of the Assemblée. One could say, familiar themes: concurrence deloyale, fear of job loss etc. The battle continued long after the presidency of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, a typical French dialogue.

So the idea of un terminal annuaire électronique finally was enriched with several other functions. "Il fut décidé de restreindre l'offre de petites annonces aux seuls services fournis par la presse et de créer le système de Kiosque qui accordait 75% des recettes téléphoniques de la consultation au fournisseur de service. Cette disposition était réservée à la presse car, pourpouvoir en beneficier, il fallait se prévaloir d'un numéro de commission paritaire."

Conclusion drawn by Marie Carpenter in her study "La bataille des télécoms": vers une France numérique" (2011): Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel.

In other words: shoot yourself in the foot. France should have embraced minitel enabling a flying start in the internet technology. Invented by the Americans, so that is where national pride steps in. Seven years ago a new chapter: Google tax.
Robert I agree that the French press tried to stymy Minitel (Luddites) but it was just as well for France that they did. If , as you say, they had pushed on with Minitel it would have been strategic suicide. Minitel delayed the adoption of home PCs in France and this is partly responsible for the lacklustre adoption of home computing here when the rest of the developed world was surging toward. The internet is an open standard - Mintel was proprietary. No software developer outside France would have developed apps for the limited market of Minitel in French when there was a global market available with the Internet. At that time France Telecom/Minitel was a government owned monopoly and they would have pushed on with Minitel far longer despite the Internet gaining traction.

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