Social Media Addiction

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Re: Social Media Addiction

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Different social media serves different purposes.
For me Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family, I am quite careful what I post and tend to lurk in groups rather than chat. Instagram is for looking at nice pictures and forums for chatting with like minded people and having a laugh as well as sharing the serious stuff with a degree of anonymity.
Given that I dip in and out several times a day, depending what's going on, I probably am a bit addicted. One of the things I miss now I'm not working is contact with lots of different people and the random conversations that can be struck up. A bit like being here, complete with thread drift.... :D

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Re: Social Media Addiction

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Fixed that for you, now singular :good:

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Re: Social Media Addiction

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A belated thank you to Robin. I was going to do a "Thanks" but couldn't find it then realised it was still my post.

Addicted and competent at social media - I should coco! :?

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