Time to ban SUV adverts

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Re: Time to ban SUV adverts

Post by clothmama »

For me there is such a huuuuuge difference between the poncy shiny things driven around Chelsea (and the rest of the UK from what I have seen!) and a genuine useful car. For people with big families it makes sense to have a car with a big enough boot to get pushchairs and shopping in for example. If you are renovating etc yes too. And obviously if you need to tow / drive dodgy roads etc you need more than a small family car. I do think the new Range Rovers etc are completely OTT and do think when I see them 'prats' even though I'm sure they could be very nice people!

Interesting I did a good few KMs yesterday and saw quite a few of the very shiny, never been near a hill etc - 90% were Brits and only 1 (and I think that was the first Fr reg brand new Range Rover I've ever seen!) French reg. Could be just down to the French having generally lower incomes that Brits.

All just IMO of course and no offence to anyone who is driving around in a poncy new, huge thing :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Time to ban SUV adverts

Post by Stompie »

I do have to support the folk who are willing to fork out the vast sums for a fancy new 4 x 4, without them there would be none around for the likes of me to buy in 15 years time. :lol:

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