Kicking the habit

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Did you kick smoking?

1. I have never smoked in my life.
2. I dabbled when I was younger but never got into the habit.
3. I smoked for a few years, but gave it up.
4. I was hooked for many years and finally gave up.
5. I am a smoker now.
6. I smoked all my life and it killed me.
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7. Other
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Kicking the habit

Post by Veem »

A comment from FFS led me to thinking about smoking. In a relatively short time we have gone from being smokers in a group made up of mostly non-smokers and increasingly more reformed smokers. We now know no-one who smokes.

Were you ever a smoker or did you kick the habit?

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by TriciaF »

I was a smoker from my 20s to my early 60s. Tried to give up many times but failed. Then I got very bad flu and pneumonia and couldn't smoke for a week. I thought
I'll try to go a bit longer day at a time and eventually stopped. My Dad was a heavy smoker until he died in his 80s, and one of his sisters, my aunt, also smoked heavily and died of lung cancer.
You're right Veem - none of our friends and relations smoke now. Though it's still common in the town where we live.
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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by FrenchForumSurvivor »

I hope for the forum's sake we don't get any answers to option 6; members from the other side could be a bit worrying.
"I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times." - Everett Dirksen

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by tim17 »

Our youngest has been smoking for many years and refuses to even try to quit even though he pays nearly 10 euros a packet. Both my OH and I stopped 20 years ago without any bother and we've never had any urge to start again, I will though admit it would be a real struggle if I attempted to give up drinking completely.

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by Lapourtaider »

Smoked from aged 16 until I was 25 when I met my wife. Within a couple of years I had stopped smoking altogether, and haven't smoked now for nigh on 30 years.

As an aside to that, I used to love as a kid watching Jack Hargreaves on the TV. He always had a pipe either hanging off his mouth or by his side. I always felt it suited the older man to smoke a pipe, so I decided a few years ago that when I get to 75, I am going to try it. Somebody has already bought me the pipe, only 19 years to go!

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by Gardengirl »

I started smoking at college, particularly menthol cigarettes. My then boyfriend’s father smoked and had terrible bronchitis in winter, so we decided to stop smoking together, which worked for us both, although as I had only smoked for a year or so it must have been much easier for me than my FIL to be.

My own father was a life-long smoker, started when he was 14 and worked at the pit, where everyone smoked, I gathered from him. As an adult he smoked at least 40 every day and reckoned it had no effect on him. He had to have a leg amputated due to an ingrown toenail that was treated daily for months at the hospital, that turned gangrenous - I understand that heavy smoking was a contributory cause of the amputation.

When we visited him after his leg had been amputated he pointed across the ward at the beds where he said his brother and father had been in when they had their legs amputated - neither of them survived long and both of them had been heavy life-long smokers. But he was a very stubborn old man, which was why he lived on for so long, in my opinion. He was taken to Freeman hospital in Newcastle (Pat/Tricia will know it) by car from his home in Sunderland whenever a youngster had to have a leg amputated, usually due to motorbike accidents, and would be paraded up and down the ward as an example - that if that old man could be so active with a false leg and a stick, think what they could do. He was very proud of that.

Nobody in our immediate family smokes, which I’m glad about, but I’m concerned about the number of young women who smoke - or used to before +19, here in Berkshire and also where we have our apartment in the Gard.

Our next door neighbours, both, 75, smoke and I can smell smoke when I go into our back garden if they are smoking at their back door. They started smoking only there at home because years ago our decorator painted our lounge followed by theirs; he had to put a blocker cover on their walls as they were so discoloured before he added coats of paint. Their bill was quite a bit higher than ours because it needed more paint and took him longer. Lesson learned, but not enough to cut their smoking habit.

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by Stompie »

I started in my early teens, trying to be cool 😎
Got properly hooked in late teens/early twenties then I stopped when I was pregnant. I smoked my last cigarette on Boxing Day 1991.
I still, very occasionally, crave a ciggy but I know I'd go bright green and throw up. Our neighbour smokes cigars, I love the smell of cigar smoke!
I don't think any of our friends smoke but two brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law do.

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by whyme? »

I've never smoked 'proper' fags as I didn't like the taste of 'em.
Dabbled in cigars but mostly smoked rollups for about 30 years if you can call it 'smoking'.
I used to buy about 1/2 oz of baccy a week, dropped about a quarter of it on the deck when rolling & only smoked the fag 1/2 way down chucking a large dog-end so I don't think my heart was really in it.
About 10 years ago I rolled a fag, took a puff, decided I didn't like it & haven't smoked anything since. :D
Most of my contemporaries packed it in when bars/restos were made smoke free zones as popping outside for a fag was getting anti social.
What about vaping as an alternative? My sil vaped for a while & I tried a puff & nearly threw up.

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by Gardengirl »

Is vaping still popular since C19 affected everyones lives? Four vaping shops opened in our small town in tbe Gard, it was really popular, but only knew of one near us in Berkshire, don’t know if it’s still there, won’t see for a long time as I won’t be going to a big town any town soon.

A regular at pétanque each week was a keen vaper, but it was generally disliked by the rest of us as he didn’t go to one side with his steam stream. He gave up vaping last autumn, went back to smoking cigarettes, he’s much more particular about which direction his smoke goes. His wife disliked both habits.

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Re: Kicking the habit

Post by Elizabeth »

Since lockdown I can’t go out of my house in an evening without smelling smoking,and I don’t mean tobacco 🌱

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