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Side effects

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News from old stomping grounds

‘To all members, please be aware that the Crown Estate has now created new car parks on their land, such as Buttersteep Rise and Swinley Park.

Having spoken to a warden over the weekend, the subject of these car parks and charges arose and I have been availed of the following information.

These car parks require you to become a member of the Crown Estate and to purchase an annual car parking pass. These passes are £120 but currently, even as a member, you will be unable to obtain one. This is because they have been very strictly limited due to the enormous numbers that are now visiting the Windsor Crown Estate lands.’

Currently, due to the lockdown, people have been driving from all parts of London and the suburbs. This has increased visitor numbers from under 5m per annum to over 7.5m visitors per annum. This unfortunately has caused damage to the wildlife, the flora and also the fauna. In particular, the deer in Windsor Great Park have been rather badly affected. Therefore, the management are having to restrict access via these new car parks and the high charges.

It will therefore be very very difficult for people to visit and I will be trying to obtain further information regarding this situation. However, the damage really has to be limited by whichever and whatever means happens to be available to the Crown Estate. If the visitor numbers are not reduced successfully, the possibility of these open spaces being closed altogether could well arise.

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