Talking to yourself

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Re: Talking to yourself

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I do :oops: and as a child I had an imaginary friend called Mary who I talked out loud to :oops: Sometimes OH looks at me and says 'who are you' :lol:
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Re: Talking to yourself


I believe lots of French talk to themselves in supermarkets and bricos, more than a lot of Brits (see below!) something I noticed ages ago. It’s maybe something to do with orally going through their shopping list. Mind you,I’m not going to criticise as I do it most of the time I’m in the garden. Fortunately I’m seldom overheard.
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Re: Talking to yourself

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You lot need to have a word with yourselves :lol:


Re: Talking to yourself

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I talk to myself often. I don't set out to. Sally just disnae listen.

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