Internet providers are never wrong

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Internet providers are never wrong

Post by Tom »

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I know you're all going to laugh at this slow WiMAX connection but for us it's the best we can possibly get with no 4G reception. When we had a landline the very best download speed ever was 1.2 Mbps and upload 0.7 Mbps. We can live with WiMAX provided it works, which it has done OK for two and half years... until last weekend.

Suddenly the download speed went down to less than 2 Mbps and was very intermittent but more crucially the upload speed virtually disappeared... maybe 0.03 Mbps at best. The telephone became unusable and the internet was read only, if you were lucky.

Fortunately we do still have a landline to the house, which my in laws use, so I could share their ADSL connection for the duration. Alsatis, our WiMAX provider, would not admit that there was a fault at their end but with the help of their technician we spent ages checking every conceivable thing but to no avail. Eventually I was told that the foliage on our trees must be blocking the signal!

Yesterday I tweeked the aerial with the help of a positioning app and was able to improve reception very slightly but still the phone barely worked. However, this morning I tried again and suddenly everything was back to normal.

I know for certain that something outside our house has now been rectified but Alsatis will never admit it. It was exactly the same when we had a rubbish ADSL landline connection via Bouygues, SFR or Free. It was never their fault. Could it be that these providers are frightened that if they admit any culpability they will be asked for compensation? If only they were honest it would save a lot of time for both parties.
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Re: Internet providers are never wrong

Post by niemeyjt »

Not sure it is specific to Internet providers - mendacity is part of the French business model.

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Re: Internet providers are never wrong

Post by Loup-garou »

Our internet is "read only" (good phraseology Tom) we get .5 Mbps at best. But last week they were stringing cables between the lamp posts and sticking little boxes on them so things may change. Given the mayor promised this progress at juillet quatorze 2014 that's my definition of internet speed!

Furthermore, the pace they walk between lamp posts and draw cable off the drum, it's not going to be available indoors anytime soon!

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Re: Internet providers are never wrong

Post by Aardvark »

We only got half a meg for many years. It was good enough for our purposes but hopeless with any sort of moving video content. I had to find some clever software that would lock on to the download and keep waiting during the buffering gaps to record it, then join up the bits for me to play back later. Now I'm with Orange I have the luxury of 6 to 8 meg and no worries at all. When I first arrived in France I counted myself lucky to even have an uninterrupted electricity supply for more than a few weeks in a row. Is it progress, or just blind luck? :roll:
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Re: Internet providers are never wrong

Post by chrisell »

WiMax .... yes.

We were with a small local Wimax provider we inherited from the previous owners. It was always slow compared to what I was used to - but we got used to it - never use the internet and try to stream something - download where possible overnight etc. If it went wrong it would be at least two days before it was fixed. Then it became all but unuseable - Mairie put pressure on them - Technician ran around for a week and back to acceptable. But then it just fell over every few weeks and week by week got slower. Then it just stopped - so slow nothing would load.

The Tech basically said not enough investment - too costly to fix - and our provider is now middleman for Buoygues. We have an antenna they provided/fixed to get around the poor mobile signal

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