Moving a telephone socket

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Moving a telephone socket

Post by JohnnyD »

Can I move the phone connection that comes into the premises, its not in the room we want it, are there rules like BT and the master NTE5 must not be touched? How strict if so?


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Re: Moving a telephone socket

Post by crakpot »

No idea of the regulations but I have moved my sockets at three address just make sure you take a piccy of the connectors two wires :)

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Re: Moving a telephone socket

Post by Loup-garou »

Likewise, I have moved them with no idea of the regs. However, when the guy (Orange?) came to fit our landline here, I told him the position I wanted the phone to be in was a temporary spot and asked for some slack in the cable. He left me several loops, between entry and the box, and said that should let you move it to anywhere in the house.

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Re: Moving a telephone socket

Post by RobertArthur »

The master NTES has it's equivalent in the French DTI as phone line entry point. Once upon a time this was all "propriété de l 'État", don't touch or else......Nowadays they are more tolerant. I don't'know if your house has a proper DTI or only a simple phone socket. With a DTI just add additional wiring (good quality). More information

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