Mai, when 10 seconds takes 6 days!

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Mai, when 10 seconds takes 6 days!

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The delai for Sepa banque transfers within France has for many years been 1 working day, the problem is finding a working day in May :roll:

As of November 2017 it has been reduced to a maximum of 10 seconds, - supposedly :lol:

In the past even before last November transfers from the UK showed instantly on my C.A. account even during a weekend or public holiday so I know that the system works even when the people do not.

I have been negotiating a contract with a Morrocan Aérospace company to provide accomodation to 7 technicians in September, they needed a reservation confirmation from me including the names of all the individuals to get their Visas, they needed it the same day as the rdv for the visas they claimed was the next day, it all sounded like an immigration and/or booking scam except I have already done business with several of their technicians.

So i insisted on an acompte by virement, they did this last Thursday from their French subsidiary and sent me a PDF of their banque confirmation, showing good faith I confirmed the réservation without waiting to see the funds, then when the money did not hit my account I was beginning to think that it had indeed been a scam.

The money finally showed on my account this morning, I recieved instant virements from the credit card company throughout this time so can only deduce that the delay was the emitters banque and they did not action it until after their long weekend.

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Re: Mai, when 10 seconds takes 6 days!

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Thats not just mai.
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