It's not just happening in America French police are not all innocent either

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It's not just happening in America French police are not all innocent either

Post by mysty »

French delivery driver suffocated by the police. They need to outlaw this neck hold. ... floyd-case
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Re: It's not just happening in America French police are not all innocent either

Post by Timoth »

They have never been innocent but have longtime been protected by the Authority!


Re: It's not just happening in America French police are not all innocent either

Post by Spardo »

There is more than one version of this occurrence. Anybody know what the 'chokehold' is? Not the same as the kneeling on Floyd's neck I suppose. The only chokehold I know was the one I was taught at Merchant Navy college as a defence against attack in the seedy areas of foreign ports. This involved folding the arms over the assailants neck and applying a slight tightening of the fold. Very little effort was needed. But we were also taught how to avoid killing someone. Very easy with this hold apparently. The advice was to observe the colour of the person's face to see if it goes red (is that more difficult with a black person?) and listen for them to start snoring. :o

I decided there and then to be compliant if I was being robbed, not least because the tough looking ex-army instructor we had failed completely to explain what to do about the loose hands and arms which might well be thrusting a knife into my stomach while I was 'complexion observing'. :roll:

To get back to the point. In Floyd's case, in the case of the bloke at Wendy's and in this case, it is well reported that the ultimate victim either resisted arrest, returned violence or argued and insulted the police in some way. I have always regarded police as being human and as likely as anyone else to react in an extreme fashion to any percieved non compliance and have always remained calm, poilite and answered questions without sarcasm when stopped. My mantra has always been 'you never know if, after they have had their say, that they will let you off with a caution'.

Even if stopped for speeding (it hasn't happened, all my contraventions have always been with cameras) I would not argue even if I knew that my dashcam would prove my innocence, that evidence is best kept for later rebuttal.

All the above is not to say that what happened was justified, of course it wasn't, but it was predictable.

I have recalled case in Kent many years ago when, after a petanque competition, my partner and I were driving back to his Dad's house where we were staying the night. My friend was renowned for his barrack room lawyer character who never let an arguement go un-started. So, when, because I was driving slowly looking for his Dad's street I was pulled over by a suspicious police car driver and asked out of the car to take the test, I was in fear and dread of my friend's reaction. We had had a meal at a restaurant on the way back where we had shared a bottle of wine, so I wasn't completely sure of the outcome but thought that I was ok. My friend acted immediately, completely out of character, and stayed in his seat, looked straight ahead as if we weren't there, and said not a word. Test passed, we drove on. I could have kissed him...........but I didn't. :lol:

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