Many butterflies

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Many butterflies

Post by Tom »

:) There is an exceptional number of butterflies this year. Is this something local or is it the same elsewhere? Could it be the mild winter or perhaps less use of pesticides? Whatever the reason, it's delightful to see them all.
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After the Storm

Re: Many butterflies

Post by After the Storm »

Could it also be that places were left to go wild? I’ve seen more wildflowers in the hedgerows and by the roads than I knew were actually there before.

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Re: Many butterflies

Post by Headers »

We too have had loads of butterflies in the garden and around the lavender. Also some very big moths. We are going to put a lamp out tonight to see what moths appear. Our neighbour has a deaths head hawk moth caterpillar every year in her garden so I’m hopeful we will see the moth.

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Re: Many butterflies

Post by TriciaF »

Tom - have you got a lot of nettles where you live? In our later time in France I noticed that the nettles along the ditches were covered by a sticky black mass at this time of year. This turned out to be the caterpillars of the peacock butterfly. So nettles have some use.
Even here in urban England I've seen a few strange little brown butterflies in our tiny back garden. lots of bees too.
The reduction of traffic and less air pollution could also help.
We used to see fireflies in the evenings, then they died out. I wonder if they've come back?

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Re: Many butterflies

Post by crakpot »

I record Butterfly sightings most days on

I personally have not notice any rise

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