The master race.

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After the Storm

Re: The master race.

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LD, I often use wireless ear buds so I can listen to things and not disturb OH ( like just now) maybe you could try those and they are not expensive from Action.

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Re: The master race.

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Good idea :good:

I probably do need a hearing aid or will in the future, I find myself asking people to repeat themselves more and more, the last 3 months with peoples muffled speech and their lips being hidden behind masks has been quite challenging.

But did that Twitter clip not sound inaudible to others?

I will try it on the phone but will need a magnifying glass to do that :lol:

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Re: The master race.

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Similar sound problem here, LD, some videos are loud, others normal, others hardly audible, so I think the problem is probably not with our computers but with the level of sound in the original video posted.
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Re: The master race.

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The Rule Britannia mob, Glasgow Rangers Battalion were out in Glasgow yesterday ostensibly to protect the cenotaph, from a small group protesting about the treatment of immigrants with no malignant.

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