Abolition Of Slavery And Of The Trade Itself.

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Re: Abolition Of Slavery And Of The Trade Itself.

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Tom wrote:
Thu Jun 18, 2020 1:36 pm
In the late fifties I lived in the midlands and attended night school. A Nigerian, a fellow student and I were driving through the city when a black man suddenly dashed across the street causing me to slam on the brakes. My colleague wound down the window and shouted the most racist abuse. I was absolutely astounded and said so.

The essence of the ensuing conversation went something like this. "Just because I'm blacker than he is has nothing to do with it. He's a Caribbean and I despise him because my ancestors sold his ancestors to your ancestors". I have never forgotten that incident and its implications.
Reading that through a couple of times, the only interpretation I can put on it is that the Nigerian despised the Caribbean because the Nigerian's ancestors sold the Caribbean's ancestors. I could understand it if it was the other way round, but in its original terms, the Nigerian was perpetrating and continuing his ancestors' view of the Caribbeans as a race simply to be sold.
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Re: Abolition Of Slavery And Of The Trade Itself.

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The worst overt racism I have ever encountered was in Ecuador between the Mestizos and the darker skinned Amerindians, it was so brazen, commonplace and seemingly acceptable.

More prevalent in Quito than the outlying areas but it was still very much there just concealed to a degree.

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