Been to a restaurant yet?

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Re: Been to a restaurant yet?

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I think you are probably right and I hope you are wrong inasmuch as I hope there wont be a second wave and it will become even safer.

I'm sure its far safer now than in the 2 weeks prior to the confinement.

I returned on the 16th getting home in time for the 20.00 announcement, when I left the UK that afternoon everybody knew what the situation was and how quickly it was spiralling out of control, people knew what they should do re distancing but not when they would be confined, I said goodbye to my elderly neighbours (= older than me!!!) and the silly mare came up to kiss me goodbye whilst holding a tissue to her running nose, I had to hold my hands out and step back. 3 days later they were both fully stricken with the worse flu they had ever had in their lives, no testing back then but I'm sure it was CV19, luckily they recovered.

At least going to a restaurant now you will not be faced with that sort of situation, people still do daft things without thinking but immediately understand when you express concern.

I hope that it will be the memory that lingers longer than the epidemic but not too long.

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Re: Been to a restaurant yet?


lindal1000 wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 9:34 pm
I actually think now is the safest time to go. The virus has been dampened down but hasn't gone and may well resurface in a couple of months. Now is probably the safest time in France ( can't comment on UK). There were a few groups of young people out. They looked so happy. I can't begrudge them that, especially as their chances of getting seriously I'll from Covid are probably negligible. I heard some people singing happy Birthday in another restaurant and it sounded so lovely that people were able to celebrate.
While they were washing their hands?
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Re: Been to a restaurant yet?

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The hand washing, gelling and mask wearing rituals take some getting used to. Tonight all the staff wore masks. We had one with us, but as we didn't actually go into the restaurant we didn't wear it. We put hand gel on in the car but after that I didn't even think about hand washing until we got home. We are lucky because there isn't a big influx of tourists yet..mostly just locals enjoying a drink, and there is plenty of room outside without being crowded.
I think everyone will go at their own pace. Although I have not minded the confinement I was surprised at how nice it felt to see people out and about. We never did go out much but just seeing people around was nice. Makes me appreciate what I have.

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Re: Been to a restaurant yet?

Post by bluebird »

I sympathise with those those in the restaurant trade, but why take the risk? The idea of going to eat out is for a relaxing social event. It's hardly that if properly adhering to regs/ advice during pandemic. From what I have seen locally, many French folk have decided that social distancing etc is no longer relevant. Will have to see how that all pans out....

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Re: Been to a restaurant yet?

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tim17 wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:32 pm
Spot the mask - ... 5-1391.php
Looks like a where's Wally picture
except that it is too easy. They are all Wallys.

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