Your best car

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Re: Your best car

Post by Tom »

My best car was a 1930 MG M type midget ('29 model) reg PL 3815. Bought it at Easter 1964 as a non runner and that summer travelled to the south of France in it. Had many adventures with that machine. Sold it over thirty years later to an old friend whose daughter now uses it. It is currently taxed.
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Re: Your best car

Post by Stompie »

My favourite was our Sierra XR4x4. Only the 2 litre but she was quite fast enough and with good winter tyres was absolutely amazing in snow.

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Re: Your best car

Post by Le Démerdeur »

I have had 2.5 of them.

I believe that yours if it was a XR4x4 would have been a 3 litre V6 and since when did 2 litres become "only"

I had 2 XR4x4's and much later on a 2.0i 4x4 Sierra Estate after a couple of 2wd 2.0i Estates, the 2l 4x4 Estate was the best of the lot overall in a practicle sense.

Have just returned to a part time 4x4 road car, Skoda Yeti and it has a lot of the same feedback and feel to drive as the 4x4 Sierras.

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Re: Your best car

Post by niemeyjt »

From the perspective of learning about vehicles, my second car - a Land Rover Series II - awaiting my retirement for restoration back to as near original as possible.

From reliability, comfort - the current Volvo V70 - nearing 400K kms now and just keeps going.

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Re: Your best car

Post by Mangetout »

First best car Lancia Integrale.
Last best car Corvette C5.
Present best car RR.
Overall best car(s)......... always Citroen 2CV

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Re: Your best car

Post by Monsieur3seas »

Ford Thames 7 cwt van - my first vehicle - had it when I was in the 6th form at school. The games that went on in the back of it still make me smile...……..

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Re: Your best car

Post by Flaneur »

Perhaps the first, a Golf LS, and the last, the Avensis T180 (prior to the current Tiguan, which probably will be the best).

Still miss the Avensis and sort of wish I hadn't got rid of it - but it was 12 years old and about to become (arguably) uneconomical to repair.
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Re: Your best car

Post by Hal »

First best car - 1275 Mini Cooper S. Just for being a nuisance in.
Then a Ford Falcon GTHO Ph2. In Darwin late 70s which was the nearest one could ever get to Mad Max law.
Best car I never owned - Audi UrQuattro with Keeley Hawes ( white leather jacket and hi heeled boots of course) in the passenger seat.
Best now? RS3. Another be-a-nuisance car but bigger.

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Re: Your best car

Post by tim17 »

I'll acknowledge in advance that I have no interest in cars and never have had so my choices for 'best car' are very boring -

Me - 1995 Ford Fiesta 1.6 Ghia, went like shit off a shovel and with bucket seats was pretty comfortable, only had it for a short while as I was given a company car.

Family - 2002 Ford Galaxy Ghia, so easy to drive and with seven proper seats that could all be removed was also versatile, it made the journeys to and from our holiday home here bearable considering we had four kids with us.


Re: Your best car

Post by Spardo »

Best 3 show-off cars, a 1938 Pontiac, a 1939 Packard 8 with replacement Perkins P6 diesel engine but the 3 gears plus overdrive didn't work on hills as it got locked in till the revs were too low to manage with 3rd and meant a hurried drop to 2nd. :o Also it didn't like traffic jams because the bloke who put in the engine found there wasn't enough space for a fan. :(
Lastly a 1952 Lagonda with a DB4 engine. Again, gear trouble, 1st didn't work but I still beat everyone else away from the lights in 2nd. :lol:

Most practical, the Saxo we brought from England when we came to live here. A trip through the forest on an increasingly muddy track did not daunt it. When it came to a stop because the ruts were so deep, I simply engaged 2nd, turned the wheel full lock and, with judicious use of the clutch and accelerator, it climbed slowly but surely onto the forest floor and we continued our journey like that weaving between the trees. :lol:

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