Any favourite paintings?

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Re: Any favourite paintings?

Post by Polarengineer »

On a serious note. This had me stunned. Der Angler by Thomas Theodor Heine ( on a good day)
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Re: Any favourite paintings?

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The Princes in The Tower - Paul Delaroche and The Execution of Lady Jane Grey - I was stunned at the size of it when I saw it in one of the London galleries back in the 1980s! Also one I bought in the 1970s that was hanging on the railings around Hyde Park? Brandon Cross I think that was his name - he painted mainly in red & black on white canvas - soldiers/london buses etc - can't remember how much it cost but not a lot and I loved it!
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Re: Any favourite paintings?

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From the Lake by Georgia O’Keeffe ... mage1]/0/‬

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Re: Any favourite paintings?

Post by Franksgranny »

I know I’m a bit of a Guardianista but during lockdown they have had an art quiz every day from various galleries which are currently closed. I’ve really enjoyed it although I know nothing at all about art. When I was a kid the local council thought it would be a good idea to bring art to such scruffs as ourselves, and every Monday morning we set off to the local gallery in a double decker bus, where we sat cross legged in front of a painting whilst it was explained to us, I really enjoyed it, far more than the pottery class which followed our break time chasing about amidst the Victorian gravestones of the local church. Sadly education is far to rigid these days to allow such outings, not to mention the cost involved, some spark was obviously lodged in me at that time.

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Re: Any favourite paintings?

Post by jsks »

I don't know what it is about Grant Wood's American Gothic that strikes me as deeply sad and hopeless. Whatever, it's a stunning hit of work:
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Incidentally, the Gothic refers to the window on the prefab behind the subjects.

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Re: Any favourite paintings?

Post by bluebird »

Hockney - Garrowby Hill

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Re: Any favourite paintings?

Post by Joinfrance »

I’ve been to Kawakawa, it’s very interesting, but it doesn’t remind me of Duchamp.
Here’s some Klimt. I hope!
Not klimt but never mind...

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