The dump becomes exclusive

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Re: The dump becomes exclusive

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Mystys is only open to LHD fourgons!

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Re: The dump becomes exclusive

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We went to the dump yesterday, We were in a long queue and the car was full of carboard and other stuff and the trailer was full of garden waste. But arriving at the barrier was turned away because they will only accept people whose black bins (household rubbish) is collected on that day. Yesterday was our recycling collection day, so she said come back next wednesday. So at the moment we can only go to the dump once every 14 days. They also wanted proof of address because our card in the barrier slot is no longer acceptable at the moment.
Plus we need our trailer to collect something from a DIY store. :evil:

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Re: The dump becomes exclusive

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I went to our local dump yesterday, mo appointment needed. Two cars allowed in at a time.
RA, there must be different rules or they are interpreted differently on different areas.
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