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Re: Sparrow

Post by mysty »

manonthemoon wrote:
Sat May 23, 2020 9:30 pm
Sadly late this afternoon the bird died.

Now I feel terrible for trying to let it survive, but there is no way I could have finished off, you never know do you.

On the subject of cats, a few years ago our black cat bit my finger when the vet tried to get a blood test. I ended up in hospital, operation to clean the wound, 8 stitches and IV antibiotics. The nursing staff asked me if I killed the cat, how could I do that. 🐈🐱🐅🐆
Our cat likes to try and bite your toes when it's on the bed or wrap its claws around your hand and put its teeth around your fingers.
Might avoid that game after reading this thread.
Nothing wrong with trying to save any animal.
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Re: Sparrow

Post by Stompie »

We had a concussed Blackbird below the veranda the other night. It had an enormous tick on it's face. I managed to get the tick off and put her safely in the veggie garden away from the mad mutt. It was gone in the morning so hopefully a good recovery.
If it looks like recovery is possible I'll do my best to help but I'll also dispatch if it's clearly hopeless. Myxi rabbits for example, what a dreadful way to die.

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