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Heard a pair of nightingales in full song last night. The first time in two years.

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Re: Nightingales

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Re: Nightingales

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A lot of them around here too !
Fantastic birds : ... omele.html
Many birds are nesting at the moment. When I brush our dog, I hang the fur on the hedge with pegs : all goes in a few minutes !
You learn from your mistakes but it's much quicker and cheaper to learn from the mistakes of other people ! :D

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Re: Nightingales

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Heard some last night here in the Pas de Calais, never heard them here before. Used to be loads in the Vendée. The sound is very uplifting.

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Re: Nightingales

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I saw an amazing clip on FB of a nightingale in full song mode. It was delightful.

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Re: Nightingales

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You have to wonder whether the C-19 lockdowns have stopped hunters on the Pyrenees summits from exacting their annual toll on migratory bird life.


Re: Nightingales

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I fall for it every time, whenever I see this thread title I think of hospitals, what a nice surprise each time I get here. :oops: :lol:

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