Orange Scam Warning.

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Orange Scam Warning.

Post by Nomoss »

Just downloaded an email purporting to be from Orange, adressed to Cher(e) Client(e), not my name, advising me of a change made to my contact information at 0645 this morning, and telling me to click on an attached pdf document to connect. The sender is "dr.francois.lebreton", with an Orange address.

If you receive a similar email don't click on anything

I was not up at that time, and a check of my Orange account shows that the last change was made in Sept 2017.

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Re: Orange Scam Warning.

Post by Doug »

In the last week we have two purporting to be from paypal, binned both.
Best thing is to send to Orange spam notification.

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Re: Orange Scam Warning.

Post by Le Démerdeur »

I get probably 10 a day purporting to be from various sources invitably some of which I am a customer of, mails from those companies usually get in my inbox and not the spam folder unless they frequently send out marketting rubbish and thats usually another address which will go to spam unless I save the sender, each day when the scams come I just hover over the senders address and its never what its purported to be.

Probably one in 200 is convincing enough for me to read it but go no further, I'll get caught out one day by the law of averages but if I posted a warning for each one I recieve the forum would be taken over.

And it was not that many years ago that I said the famous last words "to date I have been lucky and never got a spam mail" once you get one it quickly becomes febrile, influencing factors are the French individuals and associations that have no perception of internet security will send group mails without using BCC and the the others responding to the whole list, I believe French companies selling or sharing your date, FT and Free I am fairly certain of as they both mispell my name in different ways and the scammers did the same and finally having a website with a contact E-mail, its not the hotmail that I use but gets forwarded from there, I only check it once every few months and there are thousands of scam mails with maybe 2 or 3 genuine enquiries and it hit that level within a couple of months i am guessing thanks to spam bots.

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Re: Orange Scam Warning.

Post by Hereford »

We got an email today from "Christine Lagarde" saying our $10.4 million dollars was still waiting for us to collect by contacting her colleague...!!!!!
How stupid do these people think we all are? Don't answer that - we know, the odd person really will get in touch.

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