UK Pension Contributions - Which Box on the return.

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UK Pension Contributions - Which Box on the return.

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Hopefully a simple question - most of this years return is simply amending figures.

But new thing - I still have a job through a UK company. The bit that has changed - now in a Pension scheme - company pays their bit and then pays my share direct. The sums aren't huge - I assume I declare both parts - its a UK "workplace" pension.

That make sense - in effect keeping the numbers simple and imaginary - each month the employer pays £30 into a pension fund as employers contribution - the company then pays another £20 a month into the pension pot in lieu of wages.

I suppose two questions - its obviously declared - but which box(es)? And is there a box to put overseas pension contributions - or those are only deductible if its French?

I doesn't apply to my last UK tax return as the pension was started after the financial year. The sums are so small it wouldn't make a huge differance if I got Social Charges but may as well put in the right box and save 2-5 euros a month

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