Associations with paid membership

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Associations with paid membership

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I really need some guidelines on this.

20 years ago myself and 5 other people here in France started a creative workshop. We were given 6 months before we had to decide if it would be a membership (ie annual subscription) or a voluntary association. Both would have to be registered after the 6 months. It went well and all members agreed to pay an annual fee to enable us to buy materials equipmet etc. We had to have an AGM and furnish each fee paying member with report and accounts each year, which we did and were happy to do - we also supplied the local mayor who used to come along to the AGM. That is my understanding of the law regarding fee paying associations.

THE QUESTION is what if you are a registered association (which has been going for a few years) and then offered an option to supporters to become a fee paying member or not. Are the fee paying members entitled to demand a report and accounts at the AGM or before or afterwards. Should the Articles of Association have been changed when they introduced an optional paid membership so it wasnt a wholly "supportive group of people"?

As I said above my only legal experience was with the creative association, dont really know where to get advice on this. Any construstive advice welcome - ta Bubbles X
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Re: Associations with paid membership

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You learn from your mistakes but it's much quicker and cheaper to learn from the mistakes of other people ! :D

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