FBI warns against using free WiFi networks

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FBI warns against using free WiFi networks

Post by RobertArthur »

Nothing new, the same old message, but sometimes free internet is tempting, it's free isn't it? The FBI warned holiday travelers about the danger of using free WiFi networks while traveling -- such as those found in hotels or airports. And how safe are the networks as you find them in the grandes surfaces et supermarchés around French cities? I really don't know. The French ZDNet covered this subject last month. And those USB charging stations, so convenient, just in time, my battery was almost empty, not always your little helpers. Wolf in sheep clothing. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.....

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Re: FBI warns against using free WiFi networks

Post by Aardvark »

Not needing to get involved with these risks because I don't have an internet connected phone surgically attached to my hand at all times. 8-)
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