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Flipping picture

Post by Flaneur »

Why do they do it? I've never seen it done in the UK, but it's in pretty much everything I watch on French tv.

Just watching an episode of La Maison France 5 (yes I know) and he's walking down a street in mirror image. It's easy to spot because all of the shop signs are reversed.

Why do French tv producers so often flip the picture?
Same old nonsense.

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Re: Flipping picture

Post by RobertArthur »

French regulations: no publicity. Subliminal effect: people trying hard to decode the Right-Left texts......Next steps to reinforce the regs: a combination with Upside-Down images.

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Re: Flipping picture

Post by just a Frenchie »

You learn from your mistakes but it's much quicker and cheaper to learn from the mistakes of other people ! :D

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Re: Flipping picture

Post by curtis »

It's the same with blurred out advertizing on t shirts etc.
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Re: Flipping picture

Post by Mike »

I was once interviewed by "The Times" about river poaching when I was fly fishing one day, the picture they posted with the article showed me casing with my left hand, which I am not capable of doing.

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Re: Flipping picture

Post by FrenchForumSurvivor »

curtis wrote:
Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:28 pm
It's the same with blurred out advertizing on t shirts etc.
Or, instead of blurring the image, getting the person to wear a piece of black gaff tape over the top of it. As for the reversal of images, it may be regulations, but do they really think people are so dumb?
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