Anyone having problems with Orange today?

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Re: Anyone having problems with Orange today?

Post by wilbro » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:40 pm

RobertArthur wrote:
Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:50 pm
@ Fitter: "momentanément interrompu" is much better: nothing for the moment. No false hope. Read a book, walk the dog, finally do something with your to-do list instead of mailing version 68 to yourself as a reminder.

The website of Orange has something to say about this update:

Le déploiement du nouveau Mail Orange concerne l’ensemble des clients et se fait progressivement.
Les boîtes mail Orange et Wanadoo, rattachées à un même contrat Internet, sont traitées simultanément, sauf cas particuliers.
Quinze jours avant le passage à la nouvelle version vous serez prévenu par un email. Le jour du changement, une fenêtre d’information s’affichera dans votre service de mail actuel afin de vous confirmer le passage vers le nouveau Mail Orange.
Aucune intervention de votre part n’est requise.
That really is a step backwards, one needs to check the e-mail address before opening and I suspect I may be binning some good e-mails in the future if I am not sure. I think I will be changing my e-mail provider if this is the case, certainly for things like Finance etc.

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Re: Anyone having problems with Orange today?

Post by Le Démerdeur » Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:03 pm

New and enhanced user experience :roll:

Who was it coined that phrase? Was it the IT guy on Total France who looked too young to be trying to grow a beard?

Bet he wishes he had a centime for every time his words have been used in irony.

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Re: Anyone having problems with Orange today?

Post by Tom » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:40 pm

:shock: Is there any point at all in having an email account with an ADSL service provider? Surely it's much better to have an account with one or more of the big third parties such as Outlook, Gmail or iCloud. That way all your stuff is perpetually preserved and you can swap your service provider whenever you want.
And that was good advice, good advice.
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