It was a typo. Honest!

Water, electricity, gas etc.
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It was a typo. Honest!

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I’ve got a problem with my Internet connection so I used the My Livebox App on my phone to diagnose the fault. It identified it as being outside my house but probably on my land. As it was an intermittent fault, the weather had just changed from warm and sunny to wet and windy and I’m an optimist I decided to wait and see if it cured itself. It didn’t. I ran the diagnostic test again and although it came up with a different result, the fault was now in my house, it confirmed that I would need a technician. To complete the process and book an appointment I had to deselect the Livebox and use my mobile connection. The mobile signal is poor in my kitchen but eventually with the phone on the window sill it proceeded. All went well. I was offered and accepted a rendezvous, the screen told me that it was entering the final stages and that I could cancel the rendezvous at any time before close of play on the day before it was due. Then... nothing. It froze. I didn’t receive a text message or email to confirm the appointment. After waiting for conformation all weekend I tried again today but this time I got taken to the chat line and Justine welcomed me. Very quickly she pointed out that I had already reported the fault and already had a rendezvous. I then explained that I’d had no conformation and used the word aucun. At this point I realised that I should have been using the French keyboard on my iPad as the English spellchecker was working overtime. In the process of changing the keyboard I accidentally posted one word that had been generated by the spell checker, con. I then panicked as I was concerned that she might consider that this unsatisfied customer might have gone too far and started throwing insults around and that I’d be cut off or worse. Luckily my explanation was accepted. Now all I have to do is wait for the technician to arrive. I can’t change that as I’ve still not received an sms or email and without that I can’t cancel even if I wanted to.

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Re: It was a typo. Honest!

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Aucune confirmation ;)

On second thoughts it might have ended up worse Dominic!

On my phone it auto-corrects in both French and English so my Franglais does not bother it too much.

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