how accessible is your Mairie?

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Re: how accessible is your Mairie?

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exile wrote:
Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:36 pm
What they don't know they will make up - believe me they know everything, it's just that some of it may not be right. :D
Fine with me lol!!👍🤪👍🤪

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Re: how accessible is your Mairie?

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We have dealt with many Mayors 99% of the
time they are great and will do anything to help you.
A few weeks ago we were buying a house went to the Mayor, she asked what permits were needed to change the colour of the building change Windows ect. He just said to do it, if anyone complained we would retify it with a permit.
The only recent time we had an issue was a property we were buying with a small but of land.
A meeting was set up by the notaire at the Mairie ATS went and the Mayor said in front of the notaire he would sell the common land for the fosse but did not want anymore brits in the hamlet.
He did not know we were British.
We still bought 8-)
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Re: how accessible is your Mairie?

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You have just described the Maire of the local town who is also the Deputé of the region holding both positions effectively completely unopposed for 20+ years. He has stepped down as the Maire due to the cumule of mandats thing but theres no question that he is still pulling the strings as he does just about everywhere.

I recognised the type and what he is from the get go, he has been extremely usefull to me but the price will have to be paid one day many times over.

Thats the one concern i have about moving this time especially to a commune that from the outside seems to be run by a marionette whose strings are pulled by the types above just as my Maire is, I will have to do all the networking and making of contacts again and frankly dont have the appetite for it, it would be nicer to be in a commune where the Maire had more standing and influence.

I might be completely wrong looking from the outside but you get a feel of a place just by spending some time there. looking forward to meeting whoever it is I will see and pleased that this time round i have the knowledge and language skills to do so.

I was so so lucky last time round in hindsight.
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