Alert for gîte owners

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Alert for gîte owners

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My neighbour runs a group of gites. Yesterday she was hopping mad after someone commented on her gîtes appearing on a website they had found. She knew nothing of it and is sure that they are being used to commit fraud.
How on earth gîte owners are supposed to counteract this sort of thing I am not sure, but beware!

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Re: Alert for gîte owners

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She is probably registered with one of the sites like or, Expedia or Triepeadvisor and does not know that they are all owned by one and other (not sure about Expedia, just used them as an example) if you are on one then you are on them all.

Before I saw the light and bit the bullet paying the commission of one of the above I was curious about a new hebergeur, did a google search and a couple of pages of results came up for them, I thought crikey! How have they managed that, now I know.

Googling my place will bring up pages of sites wanting you to book my place through them before if you are very patient indeed, finding my own website and that even at the moment where I have no availability listed with them.

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Re: Alert for gîte owners

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Almost any business can have problems like that. I used to know a couple with a b+b in France who used to go onto sites saying how wonderful the place was.
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