Why won't the HDMI lead work?

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Re: Why won't the HDMI lead work?

Post by rabbit »

I have had a faulty HDMI lead giving this problem. Bought a new lead and all OK


Re: Why won't the HDMI lead work?

Post by Spardo »

It's all been said already but that would have been my suggestion, source, HDMI.

My wife is prone to fiddling with the remote from time to time and then complaining that she has no picture. If she would only put her specs on she would notice what she is pressing but with the TV remote (as opposed to the digibox one) all she has to touch is the red on/off button. So why oh why ..........never mind.

The real problem is she only does it every 6 months or so and I forget the solution each time and have to waste ages working it out all over again. :evil:

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Re: Why won't the HDMI lead work?

Post by Le Démerdeur »

Ashamed to admit that really was my problem and why I reprogrammed the TVs to TV only. Same with Maytag commercial washer, have to insist I do washing for them and have fitted disable switch. Even with the programming matrix in front of me it takes 15 minutes of head scratching it's so badly written.

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