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I don't go to restaurants because I do like humans.

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People that book into my non smoking and no pets allowed establishment and try to smuggle Fido in really dont see what the problem is either, nor those who chain smoke and skin up joints.

I however do and show them the door.

I usually find out abot Fido when they have left him alone barking, whining, scratching the floor doors and walls while they eat at a quiet restaurant devoid of pets and children, I phone them and insist they return immediately, clear up the mess and sadly it has been dog mess and to clear out forthwith.

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[quote=Catrose post_id=71749 time=1563450437 user_id=1590]
If a restaurant doesn’t admit dogs then they could at least have a place to tie your dog up in the shade - which we will do happily. Our dog has been going to restaurants since he was 12 weeks old. He immediately curls up under the table and doesn't move, no matter how many other dogs there are.

After our arrival in the early 2000s in France I was wary of dogs in restos, simply by not being used to seeing our canine friends being allowed in eating places in the UK, but I changed my mind.
This came about after eating many resto meals where I had no idea that there was/had been a docile, unmoving, quiet canine under an adjacent table until the owners concerned rose to leave their table and said canine came into view.
The usually small, yappy, must-be-on-the-knee or, even worse, sitting on a chair or banquette canine, who is handfed by its adoring owner is excluded from this.
Most well-trained dogs here cause no problems at all .. but this is a personal opinion only .. other people's opinions may vary.
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It's not great to be honest. The French have a high opinion of their own cuisine, but they are living on past glory. In terms of dining out experience, so much more variety in the UK where they genuinely embrace world cuisine. Obviously there is also a lot of rubbish to avoid.

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