Cleaning up/effacing data

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Re: Cleaning up/effacing data

Post by Fitter »

The only 100% secure way to destroy the data on a hard drive is to remove the disc and physically destroy it.

As I understand it you cannot "wipe" the encoded information.

However, there are programmes available that overwrite the data (with random ones and zeros I think) on the drive multiple times to make the data unreadable, the more times it's overwritten the more unreadable it becomes.

Free software such as CCleaner has a facility in the tools menu to wipe the drive - their most secure is to overwrite 35 times, but it will take a long time to do this.

CCleaner is also good free software to give your computer a spring clean and clean out all the rubbish that accumulates over time.
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Re: Cleaning up/effacing data

Post by Aardvark »

+1 :good:
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Re: Cleaning up/effacing data

Post by chrisell »

If you don't intend to use it - don't mind losing software on it - you can reformat the disc(s) as a simple step. Probably not as effective as CCleaner but it works for most purposes

Its how far you want to go in some ways - the chances of someone being bothered - how vital the data is - how much of it actually matters security wise.

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Re: Cleaning up/effacing data

Post by elsie »

There is a lot of standard software around which will recover data from a formatted disk ... ls-2622893

You could look at article such as ... ve-2624527 you will get a better idea of what to do.

Then you really might want to run a data recovery progam just to make sure...

Or you could buy a hammer to destroy the old and put new disk in!


Re: Cleaning up/effacing data

Post by Mike »

If you are really that worried, hard drives are so cheap now that its more expedient to take the old drive out, destroy it and replace it with a new one.


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