Council Tax in France

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Re: Council Tax in France

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I think this year, or at least the taxes for this year will be the last taxe d'habitation that I will pay, I'm only paying €400 per year for my health cover through Puma but that will be zero from this year, I have never yet paid impôts sur le revenue but last year there would have been a small amount to pay, €600 or so but it was wiped out by yet another measure that I had never heard of.

I once got a small amount removed from my electricité bill for the Tarif de Premier Necessité, they screwed it up and allowed it on all my electricité contracts which was stupid and judging by the amount of letters that they sent out it must have cost them 5 or 10 times as much to administer it as they paid out.

They thought the same and it was reformed and simplified, I did the simulation on line and found that I did not qualify but it invited me to check eligibility for other benefits, to my amazement the CAF will pay me €177 per month prime d'activité if I get off my backside and take them the documents they are asking for, for once the hoops are worth jumping through.

All the years I had nothing I struggled to pay the taxes with no help, my fault as I was off the radar, I had no idea what benefits were available and how generous they were, now that I feel the most well off that I have ever been and consider myself inactif they say I am both actif and poor and want to throw money at me from all directions, its a crazy old world.

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