Feisty squirrel

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Feisty squirrel

Post by Tom »

We feed the wild birds. They have a metal grille squirrel proof feeder, suspended from a branch of a plum tree, which is for the small birds. They also have a bird table below, on a pole with a roof, for medium sized birds and then a plank on the ground for the large birds. This attracts a whole range of fliers and plenty of other animals as well, including numerous squirrels.

When living in England one has the impression that the American greys are the strong species of squirrel and that the red squirrels have been displaced by their larger and more boysterous grey cousins because the reds are retiring and in some ways somewhat cute. But the reds that we have here in Burgundy are really fierce.

Early this morning I watched a large hare eating seeds from the plank on the ground. All at once a red squirrel launched itself out of the tree onto the back of the hare. The hare shook the squirrel off but didn't hang about to argue the point. It loped off with the squirrel following close behind. Only when the squirrel was sure that the hare was gone for good did it return to have some breakfast itself.

Looks can indeed be deceptive; this little red squirrel, when confronting a competitor maybe ten times its size, was pure aggression personified.
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Re: Feisty squirrel

Post by manonthemoon »

Yes Tom, sounds like a very feisty squirrel. Hares are not small are they.

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Re: Feisty squirrel

Post by Gardengirl »

Nice story - we only have grey squirrels here in Berkshire; I’ve only seen red squirrels in the Lake District and on Brownsea Island.

I find they are brainy - I use holly tied on to the pole supporting some bird feeders as well as using vaseline to grease the pole, but some are pretty good at launching themselves from the ground more than half way up the pole and somehow cling on. We also have several birdfeeders that are supposedly squirrel-proof, but they have sorted out how to defeat most of them.

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