Rental income: limit for micro fonciere on total?

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Rental income: limit for micro fonciere on total?

Post by Debra »

I have been declaring my rental income from my UK house under micro fonciere. Apparently you can't do this if your gross rental income exceeds 15000€ per annum. Probably a stupid question but I really can't find the answer anywhere - is this amount per property or if I let a house in France and the total of the two incomes exceeds that amount does that mean I have to declare reel for the total of both rental incomes?

I'm confused because on the one hand I think it must be total rental income but on the other hand I know I quote the address of the property against the income so maybe that means it could be per property? Especially as one is in the UK and one in France.

My situation is complicated because one house in France is still partly in my ex's name (too expensive to change it) and I know I have to declare reel for that one (but hopefully they'll accept that it's my income and not make him do a return).

I have another let on the cards which is in my name and so ordinarily could be declared as micro fonciere but I'm trying to figure out this limit thing. It's not relevant to the tax return coming up but will make a difference as to how I keep records for the next year :)

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Re: Rental income: limit for micro fonciere on total?

Post by parsnips »

I think this article answers your question ; ... re-calcul/

This extract;

Le régime micro-foncier est possible si et seulement si vos loyers sont inférieurs à 15 000 €. Au-delà, le régime réel est obligatoire. Le plafond comprend le total des loyers perçus sur l’ensemble des biens loués vide.

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