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Re: Portables

Post by yello »

The mobile deal with SOSH is useful - the number is tied to (and identifies) your contract. If you call SOSH on your SOSH mobile, the customer services know immediately who you are and have your contract details etc. Better still, their mobile app enables you to check/report internet problems without you needing to speak to anyone. I had an internet outage a couple of years back, so I used the app to do a line check, confirm a problem and then report it. Thereafter, I was kept updated via text message. I have to say, I was most impressed.

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Re: Portables

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I got fed up with SFR with only half a meg ADSL speed so changed to SOSH. Montly cost is down to €30 for landline via Voip, ADSL at 9mb, and they threw in a mobile sim that retains my old number. As I virtually never use a mobile I wasn't overly impressed but at least I get free calls with it to anywhere in France.
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Re: Portables

Post by CelticRambler »

I've been reviewing Orange's offers on behalf of my penniless, aged artist friend, who's just received yet another >80€ monthly bill and while some 25-ish € of that is her being a dippy old Frenchwoman calling premium-rate numbers for no good reason, I'm still staggered at how expensive the standard Orange packages are, and how duplicitous they are in the presentation of their introductory offers.

Between one Orange "scam" and another, my friend has been swindled out of about two thousand Euros since I first started hassling her to do something about it. She's finally arranged a déjeuner for Monday week when she's going to pull the plug, switch to Free and save herself about 30€/mo.

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