Genea Life Insurance Policy

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Genea Life Insurance Policy

Post by george » Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:40 pm

Hello All

Has anybody got a Genea life insurance policy ? For those of you who have not encountered this type of policy, let me explain what it is with reference to my own circumstances. it is a small life insurance policy that costs me 37.00 euros per trimester and supposedly pays out 12k when I croak. I have named a beneficiary on the policy who will look after my funeral expenses (max 4k or 5k for the no frills version ) and who can then keep the change.

My concern relates to how difficult it will be for my beneficiary to extract the money from the insurance company and what trickery and thievery might be involved. Maybe I should have opted for a simple obseques policy with the insurance company or a funeral home but I thought that it would be nice for the person who has to deal with my departure to get a few quid out of it.

Has anybody claimed on such a policy and if so, how did you find the process ?
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Re: Genea Life Insurance Policy

Post by misswoodentop » Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:12 pm

I've got something similar, (Santiane/Auxia), though I don't plan to keep it after this year, since their 'customer service' after only a couple of months leaves a lot to be desired.
I sent an email asking about the payment schedule - got 6, yes SIX replies, none of which answered the question, but referred me to someone (anyone) else.....
My idea also is not to leave a quagmire behind, always supposing I stay here for the duration.
So whatever advice on this subject is coming this way, I'd be grateful also. :good: :)

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