House Air Conditioning

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F Flinstone
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House Air Conditioning

Post by F Flinstone » Sat Mar 02, 2019 2:45 pm

A while back you could buy pre-gassed A/C units for the house, either a high wall mounted internal unit or a low wall, this was easy to fit as you didnt need an engineer to vacuum,and then gas the pipes. Now these have been banned, although still available in the Uk, so anyone an idea how much it would cost to commission such a system, we had a quote for one fully fitted in the bedroom but at 7000€ :twisted: they were taking the **** :roll: Thanks

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Re: House Air Conditioning

Post by Hal » Tue Mar 05, 2019 12:01 am

Are these banned? Why? I thought they were the 'way forward' for everyone to achieve an easy life...

I do not know the circumstances, but 7k seems excessive. Split level pre-gassed airconditioners for one room are only a thousand or so for a top line such as Daikin to buy and then installation on top, which on a straight forward house should not be a lot. Unless I am missing something. My ducted central split level unit to include all ducting and control flaps to nine rooms was only a little more than double your price for one room to buy. Do not though ask what it cost to lower all the ceilings to spread the ducting around... :twisted:

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Re: House Air Conditioning

Post by Mike » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:53 pm

Not banned, but in France they make it difficult to know if the unit is pre-gassed, they also have a nasty habit of quoting price's separately for the external and internal units and the pipework and cable's required, so be careful if buying off the web.

Le Démerdeur
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Re: House Air Conditioning

Post by Le Démerdeur » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:42 pm

Back when I bought mine things were simple and reliable if not environmentally and health & safety friendly.

It was the nwo banned gas, the units were overcharged with regrigerant and the connecting pipes simple with flared fittings, once connected there was a procedure for bleeding out the air in the pipes which involved venting greenhouse gases to atmosphere and possibly frostbitten hands, it did however work very well and if the couplings were correctly made then there would be no gas leakage, mine is still fine after 12 years.

Then they introduced a costlier but compliant system with pre-charged connection pipes with dry break fittings, the combination of the seals plus the lower molecular weight gas meant is was not a question of it it would leak but how soon you will need to call out a frigoriste to recharge and continue to do so. Also many of the connecting pipes were nota ctually prefilled and curious customers would press the valve core in the connections to see if they had any gas and losing it in the process.

To my knowledge the systems sold as DIY install by the brico-shed in France and the UK are still the pre-charged (if you are lucky) dry break type, the manufacturers will give no guarantee (like mine) unless the system is commissioned and vacuumed and refilled by a frigoriste, to the OP, at the time of my install their approved installers would commission for €375 + travel costs.

A good business to be in!

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