Assurance Vie

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Assurance Vie

Post by Debra »

I decided I'd like to start an Assurance Vie and saw all these offers to open one online. I've started the contract online now for two companies and they both want me to print a load of stuff off and send it to them with a cheque. Aren't there any that are truly done online?

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Re: Assurance Vie

Post by mysty »

I thought the interest rates on the AVs were almost nothing has it changed.
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Re: Assurance Vie

Post by parsnips »

Hi Debra,
I have a number of online AVs and you start them all with a paper application and a cheque ; after that you can do almost everything on line.

As to the "interest" , this only applies to the Euro funds within the usually "multi-support" contracts. Most online Euro funds return around 1.5%-2% net of fees, which compares with the tax- free accounts in the banks (livret A et LDD). To improve performance the AV companies recommend mixing a % (around 25% for the cautious),of other funds available in the contracts, with the Euro funds . There are alternative funds -equity, bond , property etc. with varying levels of risk and return.

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