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Post by Franksgranny »

Just sitting here aimlessly watching the rugby without the slightest understanding of what's happening, when I wondered if you could bring your sky box and card temporarily to France, and then as I'm too lazy to return my orange Internet equipment at the end of my annual summer sojourn, could this Tooway thing be a cheaper more efficient way of getting Internet and tv? two questions, sorry, wine has been taken.

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Re: Tooway

Post by SW31girl »

Hi, if Tooway is a satellite link be careful. We use another company for satellite broadband - it’s expensive and often unstable. Why continue with it I know you will ask. Well, our orange broadband is very stable but it’s oftem less then 2mg where we are and a lot less when the kids finish school late in the afternoon so we haven’t much option.
You have to watch satellite broadband use carefully as it’s easy to burn your monthly allowance.

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Re: Tooway

Post by exile »

If you connect your Sky box to the internet with an ethernet cable, there is a very real risk that Sky will detect that the box is connecting via a foreign server and they will then disconnect the box and disable the viewing card.

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Re: Tooway

Post by Stompie »

I don't see any reason why you couldn't bring your Sky box and card to France when you come and hook up to a dish here. It's what we've done. As Exile says I wouldn't connect it to the internet though or you might find yourself with a blank screen.

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Re: Tooway

Post by Annabelle's Papa »

We do bring our Skybox when we come to France, we only have the basic package but works fine for us and we can watch programmes we have recorded. Connect it to the existing satellite dish we inherited and HDMI cable to the TV.
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