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Re: Grues

Post by Crystal »

I haven't seen any flying over here yet, but I sooooo hate to see them go...

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Re: Grues

Post by crakpot »

Tis sad first flight flew over late afternoon first snow has appeared on the Pyrenees but still warm in 64
on a side I am glad we left the Aude it is a terrible time I used to live just 10 metres from the river but fortunately in the higher reaches Quillan

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Re: Grues

Post by lindal1000 »

I've seen three lots in 24 hours. :(

After the Storm

Re: Grues

Post by After the Storm »

Sat by the lake after we stopped after 7pm and stayed there watching the sun go down as it was so mild. It was a clear night with just a little haze around the moon. Very peaceful.

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Re: Grues

Post by TriciaF »

Isn't that very early? I don't think they passed over our way (Gers) until mid -Dec. I used to follow them on this website: ... ur-le-jour

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Re: Grues

Post by Nifty »

It’s a sighn !

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Re: Grues

Post by yonner »

We've had dozens of large groups ( Gaggle, flock, flange? :) ) go over here on the border of Champagne and Burgougne. Always impressive - they seem to circle here and gain hight, as more groups join.

If you're so convinced its a harbinger of the winter onslaught, we should get our pullies out too, although we're still eating outside at the mo - its glorious here.

Have I spoke too soon :shock:

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Re: Grues

Post by Headers »

We have had a few flights passing over around 22.00, 23.00 hours. I assume they are moving at night because the nights are clear and there is a moon to light their way. I thinks they are amazing and great weather forecasters.


Re: Grues

Post by hez »

First squadron flew over this afternoon. Winter is coming. Beautiful weather at the mo though.

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Re: Grues

Post by manonthemoon »

I'm disappointed I haven't seen any yet.

Hope they pass by soon

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