STD infected ladybirds

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After the Storm

STD infected ladybirds

Post by After the Storm »

The title is not a joke but part of the title that caught my attention and is about ladybirds which are invading the U.K. .

Since being back home the last couple of days, we've had a problem with ladybirds in one room which happens to be the bathroom but I don't think that's why they are in there... I have just seen this article about infected ladybirds in the UK which of course got me wondering if they have same problem in France. At least I now know that ladybirds hibernate (and have steamy sex according to the article :shock: ( is that why they are in our bathroom?). I shall keep evicting them. ... n-8025350/

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Re: STD infected ladybirds

Post by mysty »

After extensive trials I can confirm the steamy sex is not contagious or transferrable to the human race. :lol:
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Re: STD infected ladybirds

Post by Aardvark »

I have built two shower spaces large enough for steamy sex but haven't so far been able to test them. :(
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Re: STD infected ladybirds

Post by Ally »

Ooh Mysty, I think you've just been propositioned.

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