Internet in difficult areas

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Internet in difficult areas

Post by Tom »

We are in a zone blanche which means our internet access is limited to a choice of either a copper telephone line (two numbers), radio or satellite. We need two separate means to connect to the internet to give us two different telephone numbers. Our one functional copper line, connected to SFR, gives a Ping 56ms, Down 1.04Mbps, Up 0.10Mbps. We are 6.2 kms from the exchange.

The problem is the first number on our copper line often breaks down and our second number has failed completely. This is only likely to get worse as Orange seems to have virtually no interest in maintaining the infrastructure. Having looked at all viable alternatives (there is no 4g here) we settled on Wimax from Alsatis. We've had Wimax connected for over six months and it has never broken down. It gives a Ping 310ms, Down 5.99Mbs, Up 0.32Mbs.

Both SFR and Alsatis give us unlimited telephone calls, domestic and international, and unlimited mobile calls in France. Both also give us unlimited internet access. SFR costs €30 monthly and Alsatis costs €43. Alsatis is more expensive but it's faster and more reliable. It has kept going in adverse weather conditions unlike satellite, which reportedly can be affected like Freesat.

It seems that there are at least three companies offering Wimax; Alsatis, Nordnet and Oxygen. The latter allows you to pinpoint your exact point of installation and tells you if their service is available. We had seriously thought about satellite but the high cost, even with limited access to the internet, ruled them out.

Of course everyone reading this is connected but there may be some who are using satellite or there may be others thinking of either buying or selling in areas where internet access is problematic. In those cases, knowing about Wimax could perhaps help, especially because connectivity is so important today.
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Re: Internet in difficult areas

Post by elsie »

The government plan (26 June 2018) is to provide everyone with at least 8Mb/s by 2020 and at least 30Mb/s by 2022 https://www.caissedesdepotsdesterritoir ... 0281354858
It does recognise meeting the 2020 target will need to include individual subsidies to so for satellite and wireless connection.

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