What has pleased you today

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Re: What has pleased you today

Post by Tom »

Nope, in England it is up to one month according to both my Doctor and diabetes nurse.
:shock: Are you absolutely certain that is what your Doctor and diabetes nurse say, BE?

:lol: It's very strange, because the NHS says differently. See the link below...

https://diabetesmyway.nhs.uk/resources/ ... explained/

Blood glucose levels vary throughout the day and from day to day, but HbA1c gives an average of what the glucose is over a longer 2-3 month period. HbA1c should be measured regularly but not too frequently. You will normally be tested every three to six months
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Re: What has pleased you today

Post by Elizabeth »

I think that pretty much everyone accepts that it measures blood sugar levels for 2-3 months apart from BE doctor and nurse

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Re: What has pleased you today

Post by Le Démerdeur »

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Re: What has pleased you today

Post by FrenchForumSurvivor »

Fascinating. Can't quite see what he's using to rub the table though.
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Re: What has pleased you today

Post by bubbles1 »

Nothing at all so far - all doom and gloom here with friends being ill and others passing away - hate the phone ringing at the moment.
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