Diesel vs hybrid

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Re: Diesel vs hybrid

Post by niemeyjt »

Diesel - I know of a nice, low mileage Euro 6 Toyota Avensis perhaps?

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Re: Diesel vs hybrid

Post by landmannnn »

rabbit wrote:
Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:01 pm
landmannnn wrote:
Sat Mar 27, 2021 4:10 pm
Kms per year? Big car/small car? Long journeys or short ones? Urban/rural driving?
Biggish car. Mainly short journeys. About 12000km pa. I have had diesel for last15 years. I feel that the Euro6 regs puts too much anti pollution controls which with low mileage/ short journeys causes reliability problems. So I am leaning towards a 2litre petrol/plug-in hybrid
A few thoughts..

At 250km per week you won't have the low mileage issues affecting the diesel particulate filter. Correct, there are complications with Euro 6 diesels.

A plug in hybrid is more complicated than a diesel as there are a lot more things to go wrong. You will also be dragging around some heavy batteries and motors when you have depleted your battery after 20kms.

Don't forget the plug in will turn the engine on if you operate the heating or aircon for most cars, even if the battery is charged.

At 250 Kms per week the best option for 2021 is a petrol engine with no hybrid capabilities.

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Re: Diesel vs hybrid

Post by Le Démerdeur »

Euro 6 seems to cope better with short journeys than Euro 5 but it does indeed have even more complicated emissions control equipment.

The ones to really avoid are the EU5 VAG dieselgate EA189 engined vehicles, dont ask me how I know :oops:
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Re: Diesel vs hybrid

Post by whyme? »

My BILs Mitsubishi PHEV is rubbish on leccy alone. 12-18 miles only until the engine cuts in.
Fortunately he lives on Hoy & a fully home charged battery is good enough to go to the shop & pub but anywhere else it would be pointless.
Diesel any time for me.

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