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Re: Wasps

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Tom wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:26 pm
Earlier this summer wasps built a nest in my overtaking mirror. They were relatively small and I tolerated them awhile because they never attacked and were quite interesting. For example, if we drove for an hour they stayed still until the car had been parked. Eventually one or two would crawl out to investigate but would then immediately crawl back in. On the other hand, when we got home, there were always some other wasps waiting and those inside would emerge in numbers.

I found this behaviour quite entertaining until one day, seemingly without provocation, I got stung twice on the same hand. Apart from the danger of having a wasp in the cabin, this unwarranted assault finally persuaded me that my stripy friends had worn out their welcome. The question was how to evict them safely.

First I tried a jet of water but that seemed to have absolutely no effect. Reluctantly I decided to squirt them with wasp killer but only had a can of one to kill flies. Gave them a quick blast with that and found the fly spray rendered them groggy for a few minutes. That was long enough to let me flick out the mirrored glass and expose two nests. Curiously neither seemed to have anything living inside. Anyway, I cleaned everything out but no sooner had the mirror been replaced than there were wasps inspecting it again.

This time I saturated the inside with fly killer and the next day got the loan of a hornet killer spray, which I applied generously. Happily haven't seen a wasp near either mirror since.
Beats getting stung by a speed camera when using the overtaking mirror.
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