Why did you come to France ?

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Nifty »

To get away from England.

I met a guy on a farm in Morocco many years ago on one of my grand cycle tours. He invited me to call by any time that I may be passing his place ( in the mountains near Tarascon). Several years later I took him up on his offer, and, feeling overawed by the fresh beauty of the space around me, I decided that was where I wanted to live but never quite had the means. After a few years of working too hard to get more means I met a woman and asked her if she would go travelling with me. She preferred me as an option to staying in England, so, after a few adventures together here we are.
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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by sparkapuss »

Because I read too many issues of Living France, 40 plus years I badgered the OH and she finally succumbed, but now we find that the plot is too big and it's a constant weeding project, albeit it is only 6600 m2. If you keep reminding yourself about the way the UK has gone in the past 20 years then it's like paradise.


Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Doug »

Rather like a lot of people I holidayed here for years and fell in love with it and the French way of life.
When my first marriage ended I sold up, came and here I'm staying, after nearly 30 years its my country and the uk is foreign to me.

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Joeblck »

Lived in Germany for seven years then toured Spain in our camping van: on the way back to cold winter Germany stopped here overnight.....20 years later still here and loving the peaceful life:skint but happy.
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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Badfairy »

It was the cheap house prices that brought us to France. Neither of us had ever been to France before but it was the only way we could afford our 'dream' property. We chose Brittany as it was easier access back to the UK to visit ageing parents. Nearly 20 years later we still love living here though, as we're getting older, who knows where we may end up?

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by SW31girl »

We used to regularly have our main holidays in France. Then OH’s job put paid to summers in France so we went to warmer countries but I always felt ‘grounded’ in France. We knew we definitely did not want to retire in the U.K. In our later years we tried to visit other countries to compare with France but we kept coming back to wanting France to be our home. In 2012 I had the chance to have longer holidays so we borrowed and bought our home in SW France. After two years I hated returning back to the uk so OH said ‘sod it lets stop’ and thats what we did, retiring early. In 2014 we moved here permanently and sold up in the uk.
It’s a challenge at times but I don’t regret it. The house is calm, the local people are nice and welcoming and I have a better quality of life.

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by cj1 »

We used to holiday in France, then we both took redundancy from work, decided to move to France, got cold feet. moved to Cornwall. Five years later we thought "What the hell" and bought a bit of a dump in Normandy. Once we'd done it up we found it was worth lots of money, so we sold it and did it again, and again and again........until husband was carted off to hospital early one morning and we decided it was time to retire to the seaside in a new house. After a couple of years we decided to have a house built to our design (probably unsaleable to the French, but it suits us!)

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by bluehighway »

I married a French lass and moved here in 1981.
We lived in 34 until I moved on my own to 86 three years ago.
I'll be in France until the wheels fall off. :D