Why did you come to France ?

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Why did you come to France ?

Post by mysty »

What brought you here, we went to Spain found it a bit rough then onto Italy but could not afford to live there so ended up buying a farmhouse in between Royan and Bordeaux for about £5000. We had no money but were happy. We sold that house for £25 000 fully restored and felt wealthy. Then bought the next one then another one and it never stopped.
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vic evans

Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by vic evans »

We holidayed in the area we live in for donkeys years playing golf & finally bought our 'holiday' home so that we could visit more , play more golf & get to know better the folk we had come to like.
Retired here about 16 years ago & have probably played 3 rounds of golf since then.
Just don't seem to have the time for golf these days. :lol:

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Aardvark »

It was by chance than design. Having given up trying to find a decent job (being over 50) I restored a boat to live on with the intention of heading much further than France but after finding a house in two acres for the price of a S/H Ford Escort I decided to become a homeowner again.
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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Kathyc »

We came to have our final adventure together, which lasted several years longer than we might have expected in the UK, thanks to the French health service. Nothing to go back for now, France is home.


Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by alittlebitfrench »

Met OH at uni during their exchange year in the UK in the 90's. After finishing her final year at university in France she moved to the UK like the rest of French students :D

We lived and worked in the UK for 2 years until one day I was asked by work if I would go in work in Paris. I said OK....not really knowing anything about France except that my girlfriend was French and spoke in some weird language.

Worked in Paris for two years and then fell ill so had to give up my beloved job.

We later (after moving about a bit) decided to move out of Paris and buy a house/farm in rural nowhere. The only thing we could afford was a pile of stones that vaguely resembled a house/farm. I then spent 8 years renovating it into a house/farm. Best years of my life.

Thanks to SNCF, we had to sell and move to suburbia Tours. The only thing we could afford was an even worse pile of stones that vaguely resembled a house. Spent the last 8 years making it look like a house again. Still not finished. Just waiting for it to stop raining so I can sort out the garden.

Et voila.

I have a reverse dream of owning a house in the UK. That is the next project.

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Joinfrance »

Seem to have said all this before, but here goes.
I arrived here by chance, except I don’t believe in chance...
I had looked after my mum with Alzheimer’s for 4 years and couldn’t do it any longer. She went into a home and the house was sold to pay for the care. I found myself rapidly approaching 60 with no home and no job.
Friends near Nîmes offered me a place to stay so I came. Whilst there I found a little job in the Corrèze. Board and lodging and a bit of pocket money. At the end of 8 months, when it finished, I had loads of friends, so proceeded to sofa surf for several months, then backpacked round the world for 8 months. Then my mum died and there was a little bit of money left. A friend had a daughter who worked in an estate agents and she found me this little house for less than a garden shed! I have a roof that can’t be taken away from me. That’s everything! Most of the furniture was given to me (which is why I needed help collecting the sofa!) long time ago now...

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Debra »

My husband had a dream of moving to France and owning his own fishing lake after he retired from the military. My mum moved here and when we visited her I thought ok, we could do that. We bought a holiday home and a leisure property with fishing lakes on it and ended up moving sooner than expected. Twelve years later - anyone want to buy some fishing lakes? :)

The now ex husband is back in the UK and I stayed here to see the offspring through their education and sell the lakes and the house we lived in for ten years. Two of the offspring have left home now (one back in the UK) and one is at university but still comes home regularly. I'm still trying to sell the old place and even where I am now is feeling too big for just mainly the two of us so I'm figuring out what to do with it all and whether I want to move somewhere different, whether in France or somewhere new.

If I could sell up in a flash I've even thought of moving back to the UK but with the brexit stuff on the horizon I put that idea out of my head as I wouldn't want to risk going back there, regretting it and being stuck!

Whatever I end up doing my only definite current plan is to wait to see my kids who are still here become French, so at least they won't lose any options in future, whatever happens with the UK and the EU.

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by CelticRambler »

None of the romanticism here! :mrgreen:

Living in East Kent, we'd already been spending more time in Leclerc in Boulogne than shopping in any part of the Greater London area, let alone any other part of the UK, so when the sums no longer added up (needed new family house and new business premises) and the hours wasted in traffic kept increasing, we decided to put quality-of-life ahead of rat-racing; France was the best compromise between "familiar" and "adventure".

We'd visited several different parts of France (and other countries) as unconventional tourists, so already had an idea of what we wanted and what was reasonable to expect of a place out-of-season. Three years of further research - onsite and online, especially through stories shared on Total France - we narrowed things down to one département (missed it by 2km :roll: ) and hit the ground running.


Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by yello »

Why? I'm not sure I remember anymore!

10 years ago and so much has changed. Our motivation then, if I tried to describe it now, could only be filtered through a lens. Suffice it to say, I'm hoping it will continue, though I have to admit - in all honesty - things are a little disrupted at the moment. :lol: mais, c'est la vie.

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Re: Why did you come to France ?

Post by Spotty »

Left the UK coz most of it's a dump. France is at the other end of the escape tunnel.

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