Being taxed for owning your own home

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Being taxed for owning your own home

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It has often been mentioned that when applying for benefits or even the calculation of resources for a carte de séjour that an amount could/would/might/will be added to your declared income if you won your own house as you are considered to be living rent free, as outrageous as it sounds I think most of us realise that it can happen but I have never seen a figure quoted for the amount, until now................

I benefit from the Complementaire Santé Solidaire, its like a free mutuelle for those on low incomes, used to be the CMU-C. Except for it isnt free for me, my RFR for 2019 was €30 above the plafond which means I have to pay €25 per month = €300 a year for having earned €30 too much :(

I have been trying to wriggle out of it as they have used the 2019 figure rather than the 12 months before I applied in April, but when I looked in detail I found that they should have increased my income because I am an owner occupier so I am letting sleeping dogs lie.

The figure for a single person is €68 per month (rounded up) rising to €140ish for a 3 person household.

How long I wonder before they extend it to other things, there has already been talk of adding it to the declared earnings for taxes & social charges.
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Re: Being taxed for owning your own home

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Please try to come up with some good news for a change. :(

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