Online tax declaration application

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Online tax declaration application

Post by Debra » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:57 pm

My mum rang me earlier today. The cut off for online declarations for her area is 5th June. Could I do her tax return if she sends me the figures? Yeah, sure, no worries, mum. Could you do your brother's as well as he can't declare by paper now, it's too late - oh, and he hasn't got an online account. Yeah, sure.....

Brothers went ok.

Mum's - got it all done and then got an error on the last page where you click to sign it because it said mum's (declarant 2) email address was empty. Filled it in but still got the error. Maybe because declarant 1 has the same email address? Trouble is, that was mum's only email address. OK so create another email address for stepdad, change the impots account to use that address and then fill in mum's in the space with the red message. Nope - still wouldn't sign.

After numerous tries I gave up and sent a message off about it.

Came back to it, annoyed I couldn't figure it out. No idea what made me do it but I idly scrolled the page up - to find another red message re the box you have to tick this year to say you agree they can take any prelevements a source from the bank account declared. Ticked that, still could see the email address error message even though it was filled - but it worked. All signed and done a whole two days in advance of the cut off date.

I'm not impressed with the application though. You'd think they'd show you all the error messages in one place!

Anyway, in case anyone else is doing this even more last minute and get the same error - maybe this will help - scroll up! :D

pomme homme
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Re: Online tax declaration application

Post by pomme homme » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:01 pm

Lodged mine online today but with a qualification of certain entries on the basis that I've had to make some assumptions because I can't get any response from my local tax office to questions posed by e-mail and it's impossible to get through to it by telephone (every time a recorded message inviting me to call back later or (!) send an e-mail). My neighbour suggests that it's a shut down due to melt down as the online declaration deadline approaches.
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